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Sunday, November 17, 2013

hello lovely lot! deciding what to post today has been a struggle but I decided that I wanted to post a haul of my most recent purchases before I review them for you all! also, I don't know which ones I should review, so if you have requests, please, leave them below the post :)

this past month I spent a lot of my money on make-up, just because I wanted to expand my make-up collection and I needed staples like a gel eyeliner, primer, lipsticks (of which I got a few and I can't be happier about it), black and white eyeshadow and so on. I still have no bronzer and no normal blush and I also really need a new foundation brush, hopefully I will get those soon :) now, let's jump into what I bought!


eveline professional art make-up concealer in 2 almond -- bought this on a whim because my essence concealer stick is running out and this was on sale. don't like either one to be honest, they are way to dry and  thug on my eyes but this one is a little more creamy and stays on for longer than the essence one.

catrice prime and fine illuminating base -- now this is a staple in my collection. for someone who suffers from dry skin this illuminating base is amazing. it makes my skin look healthy and glowy but not oily. also it smells amazing!


catrice made to stay longlasting cream eyeshadow in 040 lord of the blings -- a gorgeous champagne cream eyeshadow. a little too glittery but it makes my blue eyes pop like no other!

golden rose silky touch matte eyeshadow in 214 (hate that they don't name their products!) -- just something I needed for halloween - a matte black eyeshadow. I was left pleasantly surprised after using it and it has so many options for use!

catrice absolute eye color in 660 ice white open -- another thing for halloween - matte white eyeshadow. nothing incredible, also not very pigmented. the packaging looks great but is a real struggle to open - broke my nails while trying! not using it just because of that!

uma raptor collagene mascara -- uma used to have a stand in the drugstore but now they just have a few products in the isle of discounted products and I was in a need of a new mascara so I picked this one up! nothing spectacular, pretty basic, great for everyday :)

catrice eyeliner pen in 050 black blue -- I started wearing eyeliner a few years ago and the essence version of eyeliner pen was my staple! I saw this on a great sale and thought I'd pick it up because it's just so simple to use! as I got used to liquid eyeliner it became harder than I remember but I still choose this when I want a quick and easy makeup look. also, the blue is refreshing!

essence eyebrow designer in 02 brown -- not really loving this. it wipes off my eyebrows and settles weirdly into little dots...


avon colortrend kiss 'n' go lipstick in lucky kiss -- reviewed this lipstick recently HERE! it became one of my favorites.
catrice liquid lip tint in 020 wine-tastic -- love this tint! it is a gorgeous wine red and stays on my lips for forever, also doesn't transfer. 
lumene premium beauty lipstick in 12 -- gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous bright pink color! it's matte with really almost invisible micro glitter particles and looks amazing! it's not drying in the slightest which is always a plus.

uma lipstick in 12 coral reef -- gorgeous orange! the texture is really similar to maybelline's color whispers, really thin but can be built up if wanted.

essence lipstick in 02 all you need is red -- picked this up for halloween from a whole new revamped essence lipstick collection! it's a regular red lipstick and I love it.


nail system nail polishes in 16, 441, 411, 408 -- gorgeous colors and this became my favorite nail polish brand! I have a ton of their polishes and they stay on for ages and dries really quickly. doesn't have a lot of colors to choose from though, a lot of similar ones which I already have, nothing exciting or unseen.

have you purchased anything recently? link me up to your haul posts!

Avon Colortrend 'Kiss 'n' Go' Lipstick in Lucky Kiss | A review

Saturday, November 9, 2013

hello! long time no see, again. I know. I promise, from now on I will post more regularly. I got tons of pictures with my boyfriend's phone and now I'm ready for the next few weeks :) how have you all been? I've missed blogging so much!

 today I'm reviewing my most loved lipsticks of this fall. it's avon colortrend 'kiss 'n' go' lipstick in lucky kiss. I bought it on a whim when a girl at school offered me a catalogue to go through. I knew I wanted something dark and when I realised it was on sale I bought it. well, I know I'll look at swatches the next time I'm doing something similar because I thought it was terrible when I got it!

the packaging of this lipstick for me personally looks very tacky. it's white, plastic and looks like something a little girl would get off a magazine. it doesn't look sturdy at all but I carry it to school and nothing happened this far. it is pretty thick plastic, though, so maybe I'm underrating it? it definitely doesn't look luxurious in the slightest.

avon colortrend lipstick in lucky kiss is a dark wine red color with a ton of gold glitter all throught-out it. at first I thought it looked like something my grandma would wear but boy was I wrong. I didn't want to waste my money so I immediately thought I will make it work somehow. but after the first application I realised it is gorgeous! my natural lips are pretty red and dark so when I apply this lipstick I get the most perfect dark lip ever. the glitter can only be seen up-close and I have no problem with that. the lipstick's formula is great - it glides on (even on my dry lips) and stays on for a good 2-3 hours. the pigmentation is outstanding. one swipe across the lips and I'm good to go with a very dark wine colored lip. sometimes I blot it with a tissue a little just to get rid of the glitter and to have a more settle color.

the finish of 'lucky kiss' is something between a matte and a regular. it is initially pretty matte but the glitter makes your lips look fuller, bigger, greater and slightly shiny. it doesn't settle in the cracks of my lips and wears really comfortably, no bleeding or anything. it also wears off unnoticeably, doesn't leave any residue what-so-ever which is great. I put a chapstick on before application to make it look even more shiny and so my lips don't dry out as much but I notice that I don't even need it that much.

overall, avon's 'lucky kiss' lipstick is a permanent staple for me this autumn/winter season. it's my first dark lipstick and I can't get enough of it. I think it makes a statement, goes with every outfit and is truly amazing. even my boyfriend complimented it even though his initial thought was similar as mine when he first saw it in the tube :) I think it is seriously worth the purchase, it is very wallet-friendly and for someone like me, with limited funds and an urge to build my makeup collection, it's perfect. one tip to myself - always look at the swatches online before buying something from a catalogue, because the next time it can not work out as well!

*promise to update the post with swatches and myself wearing it, don't have a camera at the moment!
do you have anything from avon? how do you like ordering online/from a catalogue?
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