monday musings #3

Sunday, September 15, 2013

hello! another week passed by and I'm here to talk to you all about it. I kinda like having a lifestyle post every week, as nosy as I am, I always like to get a glimpse of someone else's life and for those of you who like it too, this should be fun!

this week was nothing extra-ordinary, though. a lot of school work which was left undone. I'm already procrastinating my way through the last school year and it's not good. I should get better - promise! although, if you have posts or tips on procrastinating, send them my way, I'm in a need for some of those :)

our class schedule is still all over the place - one day I have 7 lessons, another day I have 3 with 3 free periods and I hate that! I should have 3 biology A level classes a week and instead I had 2. same with chemistry B - 1 instead of 2. can't wait until everything gets back to normal and I know what to expect the following day. I did get my first grade this week - it was a 10 from english monologue where I had to talk for 5 minutes about the topics from last year's exams. I couldn't be happier because it was way easier than I had expected! I transfered to a new english teacher this year and she is awesome, I think I know english fairly well but I still want to be as prepared as I can for the exam and my last teacher just couldn't do that.

the rest of the week was just spending time with my boyfriend doing homework, watching movies and simply being together. we did go out saturday with my classmate and her boyfriend for a walk through the city and then for pizza - it was awesome, really cought up! they both had a cold though and I think I may have cought it, I was feeling pretty ill the whole weekend, hopefully lots of green tea I've been drinking will help with that.

my dad is still in germany and we still skype everyday but now he's saying he doesn't want to come back. can't blame him though, germany seems way more awesome than lithuania, people are nicer and such, also the sceneries are beautiful from the pictures he sent me! he said maybe me and my mom will go visit him this spring and I can't wait! I've only been out of the country once and it was a looong time ago.

that's pretty much it! how was your week? anything exciting?!

Face of the Day #1 | Everyday Make-up.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

whoah, my face up close and personal with you all for the first time on my blog! haha I always wanted to do one of these posts. one day I looked decent enough to gather the courage and take pictures of my make up. nothing too extravagant, just my everyday picks. maybe one day I will actually do something colorful on my eyelids? not sure. keep in mind, there's a lot of Essence. it's cheap, it works great with my skin and I love it!
also, I don't use a lot of products because I don't have a lot of products! but feel free to suggest what I should buy next and what could be the next best thing to my growing collection :)

so let's get on with the products, shall we?

on the face:

Essence's soft&natural makeup foundation
Belaton pink lipstick (nameless) as a blush (blended with a duo-fiber brush)
Essence's coverstick concealer

on the eyes:

Essence's Sun Club Glamour-To-Go eyeshadow pallete in 02 long beach
Essence's Get Big Eyes volume curl mascara | review
eyebrows filled in with a Essence's smokey-eyes eyeshadow duo in brown - gel one used

on the lips:

belaton lipstick mixed with
rimmel lasting finish lipstick '038 in vogue'

have you done what's on my face posts before? if so, leave them in the comments because I would love to read it and take inspiration, I'm not sure how these are supposed to work yet!

Garnier Nordic Moisture Match (dry to very dry skin) | Review

Sunday, September 8, 2013

hello! how are you all today? I'm back with another review of the cult favorite - garnier's moisture match. I was looking for a new moisturizer for a while now, dry patches was driving me insane. when garnier launched this moisturizer in my local shops I was working there and decided to try out it from the testers it had. I actually noticed a huge difference! still wasn't sure if it was worth it so I asked for suggestions at the #bbloggers chat on twitter and a ton of you suggested this. this was my turning point - I realised I had to have it.

garnier nordic moisture match is said to moisturize skin 24 hours a day, leaving you with healthy and plumped skin. it has 3 formulas for different skin types - dry to very dry/normal to dry/combination to oily. I chose dry to very dry skin formula without much thought because that's exactly my skin type. 
this moisturizer is very thick in consistency but sinks into my skin like no other, leaving just a slight residue to moisturize the skin all throughout the day. I think some people might have a problem with that because you can feel the slight oil on your skin throughout the day but for me that's much better than feeling dry all the time. 

the foundation with this cream as a base glides on perfectly and it doesn't make it looking cakey or oily. I have yet to experience the huge colds in the winter but I'm hoping this will moisturize my skin enough so I could wear foundation without my dry patches going crazy in the -25 degree weather.

the scent of moisture match is incredible! for me it smells like fruit and summer and sweetness and I have nothing bad to say about it. I could just sniff it all day long! the pot is comfortable for everyday use, although I would like for it to be a tube. the pot version is more difficult to use if you have long nails but it's more efficient since you can scrape out the bottom to the fullest when you use it up, while with the tube you might have some more difficulty squeezing out the very last bits. it has 50 ml of product (I believe packaging differs from country to country. some of you may have the tube version? here where I live the tubes were the testers and when you buy you have a pot version) and is fairly cheap (also has a sale on quite frequently!).

overall, this moisturizer hasn't failed to impress me. I don't usually like garnier's skincare for my skin type personally but this just made my skin that much better feeling and I no longer suffer. hopefully this will be a lifesaver through the coldness of winter! I would totally recommend it for you all :)

have you tried garnier's moisture match? what are your thoughts? 

monday musings #2

with everyone doing their weekly catch-up posts on sundays I decided to step out of the box and do them on mondays!  I know sunday is technically the end day of the week but monday seems a little better to post for me because it's the start of the new week and I seem to have more time/more ideas of what to post on sunday so monday is one of those chill days!
enough of my rambling about this series! hoping you'll like these posts.

this past week was as hectic as ever. if you, by any chance, follow me on twitter you'll know that I had a lot of homework from the very start of the school year. I'm now a senior and this is my last year of school which means exams. I'm trying to do the best I can to study and stay on top of it all instead of slacking and leaving everything for the last minute (which I did last year). 

the first day of school was monday for me and it was both exciting and nerve-wrecking. after the awesome sunday #bbloggers chat I became overly exciting about upcoming autumn and so school meant chilly mornings, coffee, cocoa, warm boots, scarves and anything else you could think of. I woke up on monday morning thinking everything is the way I remember it, though waking up early is what I've forgotten - I was waking up at 1pm all summer! let's just say I'm not a morning person. I got ready, put on my burgundy school uniform and stepped outside. the first thing I felt was raindrops! I walk to school and rain meant total disaster but that's fall for you! I met up with my boyfriend and we went to school together - just to be greeted by my classmates and friends for the first time since last school year. then we all went to school, sat in our classrooms, talked to the teachers and went for an 'afterparty' of september 2nd. me, my boyfriend and my bestfriend ended up at my room, watching movies, drinking coke and munching on popcorn while it was pouring outside all day long. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though.

the rest of the week was constant work - the homework for lit class was too much for me to handle (still is) but I'm getting used to everything else. still haven't got a normal schedule because it's hard to make it individual for every class. until it becomes a regular I have time to get used to waking up andm going to sleep early. I already managed to go to bed at 11pm and actually fall asleep not stay up till 2am which I'm pretty proud of!

I also started my shooting practices this week. it's my second year doing it and I love it! we're going to go to the pool every wednesday for a swim just for fun and I can't wait. it's pretty hard to practice when I haven't held a gun in two months but I will get better soon I think. 

how's your life lately? when did you started school/uni? x

wishlist #3 | september.

hello, my dears! happy sunday! if you started school/uni again, how is it going? for me it is as hectic as ever with lots of literature to read and homework to do on the first day. I'm currently a senior in high school if any of you are wondering :) the year of exams are quickly approaching and I'm trying to stay on top of it all from the very beginning so I wouldn't have any trouble as the year goes :) blogging was put aside for a few3 days until I get my routine going but now I'm back and I will try to post as frequently as I can, drafting the posts at the weekends when I have free time, hoping you don't mind :)

now let's move onto the wishlist! I gathered some things I've been lusting over this past month, which I'll hopefully get when my payday comes and just wanted to share them all with you :)

1. eBay Korean Style studded bag

it's pure perfection. black, gold detailing, gold big studs on the bottom, half leather half not, short strap and also a really long strap. it's everything I ever looked for in the bag and I can't order it. I have the money in my paypal but I reached some kind of limit and can't buy anything if I don't have a credit card attached to it. and I don't!

2. MUA britain's next top model pallette

in my vivo wishlist post I talked about a pallette that had 2 blushes, bronzer, powder and 9 eyeshadows. this is even better! it has 28 shadows, blush, bronzer, powder and all of this is just 7 pounds! as I'm currently working on expanding my collection this could be a perfect addition with some of the thing I have yet to own on it's own. also, perfect for travelling!

3. MUA blusher

I've heard nothing but great things about these blushes from MUA on other blogs and in my opinion for 1 pound you can't go too wrong. colors from the 2013 range are all beautiful and fun, looking forward to trying them as soon as possible.

4. MUA power pout

another one from MUA I've heard great things about! this particular color picture for me would be perfection for fall, it's dark, sultry but can be easily toned down and would suit my skin I think. can't wait to get my hands on it!

5. dove summer glow tanning lotion

when I was working in my local supermarket there was a huge sale going on this and I kept looking and looking at it but didn't know if it was good or not. recently a ton of reviews popped up on my feedly and I looked through them all just to realise it was an amazing product! can't wait to get my hands on this baby too. I'm going to go for the medium to dark just because I want to see the results faster :)

what's on your wishlist? have you tried any of these products?

beauty review | freeman refining facial cleanser pear

Sunday, September 1, 2013

hello, again! I decided to finally do another beauty review, since they are the most popular posts on my blog and it's a beauty blog so I figured I should finally do one! I promised to do a review on this a long time ago when I bought it back in april (mentioned here) but I always thought I wouldn't have much to say about it. after thinking for a while I realised that I actually did! I raved to my friend about this so I wanted to share to a bigger audience too :)

freeman refining facial cleanser is said to help with acne prone skin because it contains salicylic acid, also it has pear clear and soften the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. for me, as a 17 year-old girl, the wrinkles was not the factor I chose this for. I was in a terrible need of a cleanser for my dry but acne-prone skin. salicylic acid has always helped me so when I saw it I knew I just had to try it.

the first thing I noticed about this product was the scent that it has - for me it's exactly the same as bath&body works hand sanitizer in fresh picked apples. I'm a sucker for a nice fruity smell that and I just could sit and smell it every single day, and I do! even though this cleanser contains salicylic acid it's very gentle on my dry skin - I don't feel it moisturized or anything but it also doesn't leave me patchy and gross that most products do. after using this my skin feels clean and soft which is exactly what I look for in a cleanser.

the texture of freeman's facial cleanser is a liquid-gel. it's not runny, lathers well when applied but I have problems with rinsing it off, it seems to stay for a little too long that I would want. also, a little of this goes a loooong way, I use a pea size amount each time, sometimes even less and it is always more than enough to clean my face and get rid of any dirt or makeup. this bottle has 150ml and I believe it will last me a while. as I said I've had this since April and I'm still not even half way done!

so if you ever spot this - be sure to pick it up! I love it and would recommend it to anyone, in my opinion it would suit a lot of skin types and needs :)

have you tried this cleanser? what's your favorite? 

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