Book Review | Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello! Today I'm back with my very first book review -  a post I've been planning on for quite a while. I love to read (my latest addiction is actually listening to audio books) and I just wanted to post about it on here to find new reads and talk to fellow readers too! Today I'm reviewing Delirium by Lauren Oliver {you can read more about in on goodreads here}. It is a young-adult dystopian novel.

The action is based in the future, like all dystopian books are. The world is completely different - love is considered a disease - amor deliria nervosa - and is treated when you turn 18. Until then, it is forbidden to talk to opposite sex except your family members. The main character, Lena, is a girl like every other. She has a best friend, Hanna, and both of them are very excited about turning 18 and finally getting the cure - without it, no one feels safe. Love is dangerous for many reasons, the symptoms make you weak, your decisions not reliable and your senses stronger. Also, it leads to heart diseases. The society is so strict about it, that people are convinced that they are better off without love. Both girls trust the society until everything changes when Lena meets Alex and start to feel what love is all about.

The book sucked me in immediately. I've now read the whole trilogy and I can safely say it was one of the best series I've ever read. I just couldn't put it down! I love young adult dystopian books, they are my favorite genre and even though they might not be for everyone, it was definitely the one for me. The biggest reason why I loved this book so much was that it just seem so real, the symptoms, the cure, the disease, everything feels like love might actually be dangerous! I think that's why in the book everyone believed it - because without actually experiencing real love you can't be sure if it's good or not. "The deadliest of all deadly things: it kills you both when you have it and when you don't."  Another reason was the action. The book was full of it - one thing leading to another, it's a real page turner and I finished it in one day, switching positions on my bed for quite a few hours. The ending left me wanting for more. I'm also really keen on love stories in books so this was definitely the book for me - in all aspects it fulfilled my need for something new, exciting and loveable. That's why I love dystopian novels - they all portray different worlds and I just love to let my imagination free!

If you are looking for the next YA book to read - give this one a go! And if you already read it - feel free to talk to me about it! I love discussing books :)

What's your favorite genre of literature? Do you like to read?

Essence Lipstick in All You Need is Red | Review & Swatches

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello, lovely ladies! Today I'm back with a review for you all :) This is the first Essence lipstick I bought (and I'm definitely coming back for more!) and the first and only red lipstick I own. Not that it's my favorite or that it suits me the best but I just haven't gotten around to purchasing another one!

So back in November I needed a red lipstick for Halloween because I was a bloody corpse or something like that and I thought that the best way to draw some blood on my face would be with a red lipstick. This also served as a general red lipstick need because I knew I would get my use out of it even after Halloween for normal application on my lips haha I looked for something that would be moisturizing and wouldn't dry out my lips but also would be pigmented enough to show a real color. I quickly snagged this one up and didn't look back.

The packaging of Essence's "All You Need is Red" is a sleek black plastick with a red stripe. The color of the stripe showcases the color of the lipstick so it's not all the same. One thing I dislike about this packaging is that it's too minimalistic. I would love to get a name written on it or something, because to me it just looks plain. But, for such inexpensive lipstick, the packaging doesn't look childish or cheap at all! I also love the signature e at the top and on the bullet itself, the packaging for these new formula lipsticks are way better than their old one, which looked like cheap childish lippie you would get in a kids magazine. Way to step up your game, Essence!

"All You Need is Red" is a orange-toned red. The lipstick itself doesn't have any glitter or shimmer but due to being soft and moisturizing has a slight shine to it. I would say it is definitely a bright red and it looks gorgeous on the lips. Staying power is not it's strongest, lasting around 2-3 hours before wanishing completely off my lips. I like to put some lipbalm underneath so it may shorten the wear time a little. The pigmentation of this beauty is pretty good, the swatch has 3 generous coats applied but without a lipbalm underneath it's definitely very buildable and can show color after one application. For me personally, this is not the most flattering red. I think with my skintone it looks a little off (or maybe I'm just not used to bright lipsticks just yet) and it makes my teeth look way yellow, which is my only dissapointment. I would love to get another cool toned red, because I think it would suit me better.

Overall, this is a great lipstick for the price. It lasts a while and is very budget friendly. Packaging wise it's not ridiculously cheap looking and would look great in your lipstick stand. The color selection in this range is not the best but it definitely has something for everyone, so I would highly suggest you checking it out!
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