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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th, 2013 | Tuesday

As I was scrolling through various social networking sites the other day I came across this nail art design which seemed so easy and simple to make and I'm not good at anything even a little bit hard when it comes to my nails due to my laziness of course. I'm a huge lover of polka-dotted anything and this nail art just screamed me so I sat down in my comfy bed after a while of picking colors from my collection. And what is better than to share it?

First of all, decide on colors. In my opinion it's better to go with the same color family. I picked greens. Well, the ring finger is not exactly green but it has some green-ish undertones. You can obviously pick whatever you like, it could be all different colors for all I care, it's just my personal preference. 

Now, start painting your nails. I did two coats of Essence's "Exits on your right" on each of my finger and 2 coats of Nail System's 439 on my ring finger. You can do different color on ring finger and thumb for instance if you would like to :) Let your polish to completely dry before going further.

Now onto the fun part - polka dots. I used the same green color to semi-match my ring finger to the rest of my nails and another bright neon green polish by Safari. You can use the dotting tool if you have one. Well, I don't. Another alternative is to use tooth picks but I used them once and polka dots turned out way to big and I didn't have any control. For this design I used matches. Dip matches head (the part that you light) into the nail polish and while taking out carefully scrape the corners onto the nail polish bottle. If you can see that you have too much lightly scrape the head. Now just dot onto the finger, repeating the dipping if you have to. Make sure that you have enough polish on the match so it wouldn't be a dot without a middle. 

Lastly, let the dots dry a bit and put a top coat. I used Essence's Quick Dry top coat for this. 

That's it! You're done! Hope you try this nail art thingy yourself and post your pics in the comments so I could see them ♥



  1. this is cute!! posting my own nails (polka dots as well!) in a minute haha

  2. Are these your own nails? I'm so jealous!
    I love the choice of colours you've gone for too!

    Sweet post.

    Amy xxx

  3. This is such a gorgeous nail look! I wish I could try more of the essence products, but I can't find them in any of the shops, this is the perfect sage green :) Thanks for sharing! :) xo


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