Monday Musings #1

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello, dear readers! I'm finally sitting down to write a proper blog post and I came up with something new. Monday Musings are a new series I came up with. I wanted something more than Monday Questionnaire and I decided to combine two things - Questionnaire and some general thoughts from me at the end. I would tell about my week, my plans and hopes for upcoming week and so on. I thought this would be much more interesting and not as plain, also, I would get a chance to see if I achieved everything I hoped for. 

  • Mood? I'm actually in a hurry. I have a test tomorrow and a lot of homework but I just really really wanted to write a post. Despite the hurrying I'm calm. 
  • Did you do anything fun this weekend? Worked and hung out with friends. Nothing much.
  • What is the closest object to you that is pink? Pink coffee mug.
  • Current nail polish? Lilac color that you can see on my nails in the sidebar's Instagram section :)
  • Current outfit? Black sweater and sweat pants. Studying attire ;)
  • What was the last book you read/what are you currently reading? Still haven't finished Insurgent. I've worked a lot these few weeks.
  • What was the last movie you saw? How was it? I watched 3 Day Weekend with my best friend and my boyfriend in my room. Well, that was a bit awkward. The movie turned out to be about gay men hanging out. I'm not really into movies about gay people.
  • Current weather? Cold as hell. It's supposed to be spring, right? It's like the middle of winter. Still below 0 outside.
  • What was the last thing you ate? Pasta ♥
  • Weekly goals. Attend a lot more practices. I've been neglecting them due to work and I'll try my best to get better and actually try to achieve something more.
This week was hectic. My routine was - wake up, eat, go to school, get back, eat, go to work, get back, do homework, sleep. No spare time. No anything. I was barely standing up when I got back, let alone doing homework with my eyes half closed. In spite of that I did quite great at school but yes, there were no tests this past week so I managed somehow. I've set up a more open schedule for work this week and I'll try to get back into the swing of things. I'm still quite tired... 
Well, we'll see how that goes, right? Time to really get to studying, a lot of memorizing for biology. Wish me luck! x


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