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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello! Since I got a few new followers and also started writing some more posts I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself a little more with Beauty Blogger Tag! Even though I was not tagged by anyone I will still do it just because I like it. If you want to do this or have done this in the past - leave a link in the comments, I would love to read your answers!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

My hair is naturally curly/wavy and very frizzy.

2. What is your natural hair colour?

I haven't dyed my hair ever so the color you see in the picture is my natural hair color.

3. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

I've never dyed it.

4. How often do you wash your hair?

Every 3 days is enough for me. I have pretty dry hair/scalp and I don't need to wash any more than that.

5. Do you wear the same style every day or change it?

I like a change but I usually wear my hair naturally curly with my bangs straightened or put it up in a pony/sock bun. My bangs are always straightened, though.

6. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?

I do my own since I don't have the money to go to a salon but I'm sure if I will want to treat myself in the future I will probably go to a salon.

7. How often to you change your nail polish?

I try to re-paint my nails as soon as they start chipping. Every 4-5 days, probably.

8. Do you polish your toes in the winter, too or just in the summer?

Only in the summer. I'm afraid that if I paint them in the winter they might chip and I will be too lazy or too busy to take the polish off. And it's too cold in my house in winter for bare legs anyways.

9. How long does it take to put on your makeup?

Usually around 20 minutes before school or if I'm in a huge rush I can take 10 minutes and be ready to go. If I'm going out for something more fancy I take about 30-40 minutes.

10. What do you do first? Face or eyes?

If I'm putting on eye shadow I try to put them on first if I accidentally got some fall-out our dark dust on my face. It's much easier to remove if I'm not wearing anything on my face. If I don't then I do my face, then eyeliner and mascara.

11. Do you "collect" makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?

Since I'm only 17 I can't buy everything I want and just stick to something I need. I'm sure I will start collecting it once I have a regular job/income.

12. How often do you wear false eyelashes?

Never have before but I'm dying to try them. I have pretty long lashes as it is but I would love to see how falsies look on me!

13. Do you do a full face of makeup every day?

For school - yes. Except the times I oversleep or something but that rarely happens. I just feel a ton better with makeup on.

14. Do you wear makeup when you are home alone (or with family)?

Never. Why would I want to clog my pores even more, especially if I don't need it.

15. Will you leave the house without makeup?

Sure. Have many many times. Especially in the summer, when leaving for the beach, which I do pretty often.

16. How many high end products do you have?

None for now. Drugstore products where I live costs a lot like high end and I just couldn't justify spending a 100 on a mascara.

17. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

I try to deep clean them every week but I tend to get lazy with that. Just washed them today because I've been meaning to for a while now.

18. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?

It depends. I love planning outfits the night before just because it saves a lot of time in the morning and I like to sleep in when I can.

19. How often do you change your handbag?

I don't usually. I have a few but when I buy a new one I stick to it. I will go to a practice with my older ones because I don't want new ones to wear off quickly.

20. What time do you get up & go to sleep?

On school days I wake up at 6:30-7am and go to sleep at 12. On the weekend, since I'm a night owl for sure, I go to sleep at 1-2am and wake up at around 12pm if I don't have work.

21. How often & when do you workout?

I recently made a workout routine at home and been doing that for about 5 days. It's a pretty simple one but I feel my muscles working and that's what I've been aiming for.

22. Left-handed or Right-handed?


23. How tall are you?

166cm or 5'5"

24. Do you speak a foreign language?

I speak English rather well.

25. How many pets do you have?

2 - a dog and a cat.

 26. How often are you on Blogger?

Every day!

27. Do you read the comments posted on blogs?

Often times, yes.

28. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?

Yes. I like to research and if I need a particular item and see a post I will put it in my wishlist so I could remember to buy it when I have money.

29. How did you come up with your blog name?

I was under the nickname of Chantelle for about 3-4 years now. It's a very pretty name for me. And I incorporated my name into my nickname and came up with ChantellEve.

30. What kind of camera do you use for photographs?

For now I use my phone's Samsung Galaxy Ace's camera and it works pretty well in my opinion.

31. How often do you clean your house? (Daily, weekly, other)

I try my best to do that weekly but it usually doesn't happen.

32. What is your favorite colour?

Mint green ♥

33. What is your favorite beauty/fashion magazine?

I don't read fashion magazines just because I think they are pretty boring. I like interesting articles about beauty that Cosmopolitan can offer :)

34. Do you swear?


35. What are you doing with the rest of your day?

It's already 9pm so I'm going to study and do my homework.

Hope you liked the post!


  1. I could have sworn you're using a dslr, no way those are phone photos omg they turn out amazing!

    1. Omg I wish I could afford dslr, they are way out of my price range. I don't even have a digital camera :D and my phone's camera is only 5mp, that's actually pretty weird. thank you anyways! I'm glad you like my pictures :)

  2. You've always had a good quality picture even though you only use your phone. Love reading your blog Eve, looking forward on your future posts :) x x

    1. thank you very much, so nice to hear that! :) x

  3. You should defo try fake eye lashes :) i love them for a night out! So easy to use :)I love this tag!

    1. I probably should, and will sometime soon! x


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