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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello! It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and I thought I would share my favorites finds and things for this week!

  • My favorite Beauty Youtuber this week has to be SaturdayNightsAlrite! I discovered her a few weeks ago and have been obsessing over her videos this week. I love her personality, the way she talks and her beauty and style choices are awesome. She isn't afraid to tell her opinion about things and you can see the real her in her videos. Check her out!
  • Another favorite of mine has been Skincare. As soon as I got my moisturizer and cleanser (featured here) I got a lot more interested in keeping my skin nice. It's a pretty good motivation for me because I love trying something new, not always have the money for it, though. I've been trying to drink a lot more green tea instead of coffee in the morning, too and I noticed that my skin is slowly getting in a better condition. These things together are amazing for skin.
  • This blog is one of my favorites of the week, too. I'm slowly getting into some kind of regime to post more frequently and been getting feedback for that. I love all 6 of my followers. It isn't much but it's something! I never thought even one would want to read my thoughts, especially when English is not my first language.
  • Weather is warming up also. Sun is coming out more and snow is slowly melting, even if it snows a lot one day, it can be semi-gone the next. I don't like the sudden changes, I want spring for sure. Spring fashion and make-up trends are all that I'm about and I'm still stuck with warm winter coats and snow boots...
That's it. Hope you liked my silly ramblings and thoughts. Just a chill post for your Sunday. Have a great week ahead! 

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