My Week in a Nutshell #1

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello! A bit of a new post today, this being mainly beauty blog and all, I still wanted to have some kind of lifestyle post every week. I want this blog to be a happy place for me and a place for me to ramble on about anything and everything that I like, so I decided to take the plunge and write it up. Let me know your thoughts on it all! Do you enjoy reading/writing about  life? :)

This week hasn't been the most exciting week at all but it was rather busy. I've worked for the majority of it, having to days free and it was pretty exhausting. If you didn't know by now - I work in an advertisement company as a promo person - doing tastings and presentations in supermarkets for various other companies. Our work time is usually 3 hours and even though it doesn't seem like a lot but waking up at 6am, going to school for 8 hours and then going straight to work is pretty tiring. I do love my job, it's pretty fun and I don't have to work long hours! Enough about that!

Today was a date kinda day. Me and my boyfriend couldn't meet up on Women's Day because he had to go to his aunt's birthday but today he surprised me with tulips and milk chocolate with oreos and I couldn't be happier! We went for a walk in a pinewood until sunset and just wandered around the woods for a few good hours. As I live in the city centre I'm used to always being in the city environment so it was rather refreshing going out to somewhere fresh and calm. It was so quiet and nice to be alone and enjoy our time together before the start of the new week with school and practices and work taking up most of our time :) We had a great time, walking and taking pictures of the most random things! I do enjoy taking pictures of him, though, he is very handsome ;) We just laughed all the way trough and joked around, I love that we have a similar sense of humor! As spring is approaching slowly but surely I believe we will have more days like this in the near future :)

I'm feeling so happy at the moment, without any stress. I know that Tuesday we have a day off from school because of a national holiday so I try to focus on that and not on hating Monday...

How was your week?! I'm really nosy and enjoy reading about other's life, so link me up to your posts!


  1. Hi Eve! Pretty photos you've got there. I sure enjoy reading personal posts and i own a personal blog. :) Hope you'll post more personal stuffs.

    1. yay, thank you! :) I really enjoy reading yours too!

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award!

    Check it out here:

    Beth x

  3. U were spoilt love chocolate with oreos in it! Also pretty flowers :)

    1. it doesn't happen all that often so I loved it! thank you :) x

  4. sounds like you had a great week, lovely photos



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