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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hello! here we go - my first empties post. I hope this will be somewhat interesting for you to read - I personally love mini-reviews of products people used up :) 

  • a mincer phrama moisturizing day & night cream 
I had pretty high hopes for this little guy - mainly because of the ingredients it contained, featuring argan oil, pear extract, shea butter, olive oil etc. I wasn't that impressed with it but it was okay for the price. bare in mind that I have very very very dry skin that often flakes so I need a moisturizer that is quite thick and can lock in my moisture. this was nice and made my skin feel soft but in the long run it didn't make a ton of difference. for people with normal to dry skin this would be perfect in my opinion, because if it took care of my flakiness it will take care of yours!

would I repurchase: unfortunately, no.

  • garnier intensive moisture cream for dry skin (face &body)
I was given this by my mom not too long ago - I always saw her use it and I thought it was once again - perfect for me because it's for dry skin. well, it didn't do anything. as soon as it absorbs into my face I'm left with the same dry skin I had before applying. the formula is thick but I just didn't like it. the tube is huge and it last a very long time but you have to apply quite a lot of it and it doesn't do the job very well. not a product I regret using up to say the least.

would I repurchase: no.
  • maybelline dream satin liquid whipped foundation
I saw a lot of reviews on youtube featuring the american version of this foundation and I assumed it was the same. well, I think it wasn't. this was horrible - it barely stayed put on my face for 2 hours them it would settle into dry spots or something and by the end of my school day I would look like I wasn't wearing foundation at all. I don't know why it did that but it happened and if I put foundation on my face I want to look flawless - this would just make me look worse and draw my imperfections even more. again, I have dry skin. maybe people with normal/combo skin would like this more.

would I repurchase: never.
  • AA sensitive skin semi-rich cream for dry and normal skin
I got this as a gift from my friend for my birthday. she knew I suffer from dry skin but she accidentaly mixed dry with sensitive and well, got me this. it is said to have no artificial scent or coloring. first of all let's talk about the horrible scent it has - for some of you it might be not that bad if you're really into the no-artificial-anything. the scent is as natural as it can be - it smells horrible and the smell lingers on your skin and you can smell it. after a while you get used to it, though, but if you're really sensitive with scents I wouldn't recommend this for you. once again, did nothing for my dry skin and for the price it had it should've been a lot better.

would I repurchase: no.
  • got2b straight on protecting straightening spray
my first ever heat protectant right here - this 200ml bottle lasted me 2 years! it kept my hair nice and soft and actually made the difference in the condition of my hair as well as the lasting power of the straigt hair. I have naturally really curly/wavy hair and if it's a tiny bit humid out my straight hair turns into a frizz ball immediately. I noticed the difference only when I didn't use it - I started to notice that my hair seem to curl up way faster than when I put this on in my hair so if you're looking for a good straightening spray - this is it. 

would I repurchase: yes.
  • bioderma abcderm irritations around the mouth protective cream
I had these dry flaky dark spots around my mouth and my mom decided to buy this to cure it. I don't know if this exact product got rid of those but it's gone now. I didn't really like the smell and the texture of this - it was thick and left a residue on your face but as it's a healing cream I suppose I shouldn't mind about it. my first experience with a brand bioderma right here. 

would I repurchase: if I had the same condition again, yes.

I noticed that this empties post was a little too negative for my liking but oh well, hope you enjoyed it!

have you tried any of these products mentioned? what was the last product you used up?!


  1. I often enjoy negative reviews more than the good ones haha I feel kinda warned afterwards. Have you seen Casey's MAC fail she has endured recently? :D

    1. that's the reason I like them too! I just feel like people can take the wrong idea and think of a brand not the product + everything works differently on different people so I never can decide if I would like it or not!
      well, that's hilarious. and the comment she made about 'natural finish' while applying. I just died. thanks for sharing!! x

      XO, Eve. ♥

  2. Congrats on finishing the foundation even if you didn't like it, that's always a good feeling! :) You should try the Bioderma Micellaire Waters next - their amazing!

    1. thank you! :) I've always wanted to try those but they're a little too pricy for me at the moment - maybe in the future :)

      XO, Eve. ♥


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