Garnier Nordic Moisture Match (dry to very dry skin) | Review

Sunday, September 8, 2013

hello! how are you all today? I'm back with another review of the cult favorite - garnier's moisture match. I was looking for a new moisturizer for a while now, dry patches was driving me insane. when garnier launched this moisturizer in my local shops I was working there and decided to try out it from the testers it had. I actually noticed a huge difference! still wasn't sure if it was worth it so I asked for suggestions at the #bbloggers chat on twitter and a ton of you suggested this. this was my turning point - I realised I had to have it.

garnier nordic moisture match is said to moisturize skin 24 hours a day, leaving you with healthy and plumped skin. it has 3 formulas for different skin types - dry to very dry/normal to dry/combination to oily. I chose dry to very dry skin formula without much thought because that's exactly my skin type. 
this moisturizer is very thick in consistency but sinks into my skin like no other, leaving just a slight residue to moisturize the skin all throughout the day. I think some people might have a problem with that because you can feel the slight oil on your skin throughout the day but for me that's much better than feeling dry all the time. 

the foundation with this cream as a base glides on perfectly and it doesn't make it looking cakey or oily. I have yet to experience the huge colds in the winter but I'm hoping this will moisturize my skin enough so I could wear foundation without my dry patches going crazy in the -25 degree weather.

the scent of moisture match is incredible! for me it smells like fruit and summer and sweetness and I have nothing bad to say about it. I could just sniff it all day long! the pot is comfortable for everyday use, although I would like for it to be a tube. the pot version is more difficult to use if you have long nails but it's more efficient since you can scrape out the bottom to the fullest when you use it up, while with the tube you might have some more difficulty squeezing out the very last bits. it has 50 ml of product (I believe packaging differs from country to country. some of you may have the tube version? here where I live the tubes were the testers and when you buy you have a pot version) and is fairly cheap (also has a sale on quite frequently!).

overall, this moisturizer hasn't failed to impress me. I don't usually like garnier's skincare for my skin type personally but this just made my skin that much better feeling and I no longer suffer. hopefully this will be a lifesaver through the coldness of winter! I would totally recommend it for you all :)

have you tried garnier's moisture match? what are your thoughts? 


  1. Love the Garnier moisturisers, haven't seen the nordic version round here tho! x

    1. if you're from the uk, I think it's exactly the same as the regular moisture match, just the name is different (for reference - there's l'oreal elvive in the uk and l'oreal elvital here) x


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