monday musings #3

Sunday, September 15, 2013

hello! another week passed by and I'm here to talk to you all about it. I kinda like having a lifestyle post every week, as nosy as I am, I always like to get a glimpse of someone else's life and for those of you who like it too, this should be fun!

this week was nothing extra-ordinary, though. a lot of school work which was left undone. I'm already procrastinating my way through the last school year and it's not good. I should get better - promise! although, if you have posts or tips on procrastinating, send them my way, I'm in a need for some of those :)

our class schedule is still all over the place - one day I have 7 lessons, another day I have 3 with 3 free periods and I hate that! I should have 3 biology A level classes a week and instead I had 2. same with chemistry B - 1 instead of 2. can't wait until everything gets back to normal and I know what to expect the following day. I did get my first grade this week - it was a 10 from english monologue where I had to talk for 5 minutes about the topics from last year's exams. I couldn't be happier because it was way easier than I had expected! I transfered to a new english teacher this year and she is awesome, I think I know english fairly well but I still want to be as prepared as I can for the exam and my last teacher just couldn't do that.

the rest of the week was just spending time with my boyfriend doing homework, watching movies and simply being together. we did go out saturday with my classmate and her boyfriend for a walk through the city and then for pizza - it was awesome, really cought up! they both had a cold though and I think I may have cought it, I was feeling pretty ill the whole weekend, hopefully lots of green tea I've been drinking will help with that.

my dad is still in germany and we still skype everyday but now he's saying he doesn't want to come back. can't blame him though, germany seems way more awesome than lithuania, people are nicer and such, also the sceneries are beautiful from the pictures he sent me! he said maybe me and my mom will go visit him this spring and I can't wait! I've only been out of the country once and it was a looong time ago.

that's pretty much it! how was your week? anything exciting?!


  1. I need some anti-procrastination pills as well, I ain't gonna get ANYTHING done if I keep getting distracted!
    Also, Germany's awesome, you should definitely go.

    1. yeah, right now I'm writing this reply and watching friends while doing biology's homework. I still manage to do it, though! :D
      I would love to! don't know if it will happen in the spring but I'm sure sooner or later I'll go :)


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